Our research uses knowledge of the commercial landscape and the natural environment to build sustainable production methods.

True sustainability must take into account both the commercial environment and the natural one. Our understanding of biological ecosystems allows us to work with industry to develop production methods that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our scientists use their knowledge of the impacts of horticultural and agricultural activities, alongside the latest modelling software, to develop new systems to minimise adverse environmental impacts, safeguard the health of soil and water resources and ensure the highest quality produce.

Our engineers develop new types of sensors for monitoring fruit quality during grading, storage and marketing, and devices to control ripening. These specialist sensors and tools are ensuring produce receives the best possible treatment throughout the supply chain and that highest quality products reach the consumer.

Our researchers use knowledge of product lifecycles to work with companies and industry groups to achieve production and distribution standards that meet global eco-labelling requirements and enhance the eco-branding of their products.