Our scientists are identifying molecules in marine by-products for industrial uses.

Fish by-products contain compounds that can be developed for high-value industrial applications, providing an additional value stream for the seafood industry.

Plant & Food Research has a Bioprocessing Laboratory and Pilot Plant that allows us to develop real products from our marine compound extraction and modification research, allowing partners to easily transfer these products for efficient production at industrial scale.

Our scientists have developed a number of biomaterials for industrial use, including:

Collagen nanofibres
Hoki is New Zealand’s most important commercial fish, with the majority processed for sale as fillets or minced meat. Our scientists have developed a new method for extracting and formulating collagen from hoki skins, a by-product of the seafood industry, for use as an industrial biomaterial. A novel formulation containing natural antimicrobial agents has been developed for processing by electrospinning into nanofibres that can be used in the manufacture of air filters for home ventilation systems.