Food Ingredients

We use our knowledge to develop foods that retain beneficial properties during processing and digestion.

Plant & Food Research uses knowledge of food structure and chemistry to recover bioactive compounds from plant materials as food ingredients and to ensure that their beneficial properties are retained during processing and digestion.

We develop methods for the successful separation and fractionation of polyphenolic phytochemicals and carbohydrates and scale up these ingredients for industrial use. We understand the importance of maximising yields and the desired qualities while keeping operational costs to a minimum. Often there are opportunities to find value in co-product streams from primary and secondary processing.

Our understanding of physical chemistry helps us to develop technologies to maintain the bioactives through the temperature and pressure changes that can occur during processing and in digestion.

Some of the cost-effective methods we use include:

  • Foam separation and fractionation columns
  • Resin adsorption and ion exchange chromatography columns
  • Reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration
  • Accelerated solvent extraction systems
  • Pilot plant test units
  • Hydraulic and screw presses for juice processing
  • Pilot -scale freeze- and vacuum-dryers and tunnel and tray dryers.