Our research builds knowledge of the intrinsic properties in natural produce and how to ensure these in the development of new whole foods and food ingredients.

Our food research combines an understanding of plants and seafood with how they interact with us and what nutritional benefits they provide when we eat them.

Plant & Food Research has a wide range of expertise in gathering new knowledge about food, its components, structure and what happens to it during processing. We are also gaining a new understanding of how it is absorbed in our digestive tract and how it reaches the target cells in our bodies and brain, where it benefits us. In addition, our consumer and sensory science defines what tastes great and will appeal to consumers.

Our research platforms dictate the scientific expertise we bring to a project and we commonly take a multidisciplinary approach, sometimes using model systems that cross traditionally defined research areas to explore a target area and gather information. This underpins development of new technologies, whole foods, ingredients and products that deliver proven benefits.