Plant & Food Research has New Zealand's only commercial potato breeding programme.

Working at sites across key potato-growing areas, our potato research focuses on new cultivars with traits desired by the consumer, such as nutritional value, colour and flavour, and increasing quality and productivity for processing - size, shape and cooking quality.

Our extensive germplasm collection includes both commercial and non-commercial lines, giving our breeders access to wide genetic variability for parental lines. Our genomics researchers are investigating the molecular control of key traits to inform the breeding programme.

Our breeders have over 30 years' experience and a number of commercial successes.

  • ‘Purple Heart’, a fresh market potato with high concentrations of antioxidant purple colouring in the flesh and skin
  • ‘Purple Passion’ with high levels of purple colour in the skin and yellow flesh
  • Fresh market ‘Red Rascal’ with red skin
  • High yielding ‘Allura’ for the fresh market
  • White-fleshed ‘Moonlight’ for general purpose and French fry
  • French fry potatoes ‘Lone Ranger’ and ‘Bondi’.