We use our expertise to develop novel flower and foliage cultivars that attract premium prices in international markets.

Plant & Food Research uses specialised in vitro breeding and tissue culture techniques to develop new ornamental cultivars with novel colour, structure and enhanced agronomic performance.

Our scientists use their skills and experience to develop production techniques to ensure our cultivars can handle the rigours of commercial production and to identify new opportunities for delivering high quality products to world markets. Our germplasm collection provides an extensive resource for breeding and our industry partners add to and access this resource to develop new cultivars.

We have developed a number of commercially successful ornamental cultivars that are now widely sold worldwide:

  • ‘Bonfire' and Bonfire ‘Choc Orange’ begonia
  • Opal lilies
  • Novel colour gentians, including pink ‘Showtime Spotlight’ and red ‘Showtime Diva’
  • Hybrid Limonium.