Seed Cleaning

We offer seed cleaning services to a variety of clients on a fee-for-service basis.

Plant & Food Research can clean seed from all types of contaminants, including crop litter, insect debris, soil or other seed contaminants as required. Our machinery can screen lots from 500 grams to 5 tonnes.

  • Hance 100, a two-screen machine for all seed-lot sizes
  • Kipp Kelly Gravity Separator Type SY200 with two interchangeable decks for small and large-sized seed
  • Kipp Kelly Gravity Separator Type V135 for small seed lots
  • Indent Cylinder Type LA-T with many interchangeable indent sizes to cover a great range of seed types
  • Mini Pektus 80, a small two-screen dresser with a full range of screen sizes
  • Spiral Separator, used to take irregular shaped seed from round seed
  • Colour Sorter single channel
  • Gustafson Seed Treater.