Breeding Technologies

We combine modern genomics techniques with traditional breeding skills to breed novel cultivars with new traits for consumer and producer.

Plant & Food Research has extensive experience in traditional breeding methods, including breeding of true homozygous lines and hybridisation. We also use a variety of modern techniques to develop plants with rare traits and unusual combinations of characteristics, including:

  • Interspecific and intergeneric hybridisation
  • Chromosomal recombination controls
  • Cell selection
  • Protoplast fusion
  • Ploidy manipulation
  • Embryo culture
  • Flow cytometry for ploidy screening

Using our knowledge of plant genetics, we are developing molecular markers for key traits based on polymorphisms and expression analysis data. Our high throughput screening methods, including high resolution melting analysis and automated DNA extraction, allow us to screen several thousands of seedlings each year to identify those with the right combination of traits for potential commercial success.