Blueberry varieties

Denomination: Blueberry
Crop Name: Nui
Flowering Season: Early September
harvest Season: Mid March to late April
Fruit Size: Large with average diameter being 16 mm and average weight 2.1 g.
Plant Characteristics: Erect spreading, vigorous.
Fruit Characteristics: Pale blue fruit produced with a small dry scar, excellent flavour.
IP Status: Expired
Nursery:  Tharfield Nursery, NZ Gourmet
Denomination: Blueberry
Crop Name: Puru
Flowering Season: Early to mid September
harvest Season: Late November to early January
Fruit Size: Large
Plant Characteristics: Upright bush habit with moderate plant vigour and displays precocious growth.
Fruit Characteristics: Large light blue in loose clusters, firm with a small dray scar, excellent flavour.
IP Status: Expired
Denomination: Blueberry Reka
Crop Name: Reka
Flowering Season: Early September
Harvest Season: Late November until early January
Fruit Size: Moderate to large.
Plant Characteristics: Upright growth habit with excellent plant vigour and grows well on acid soils.
Fruit Characteristics: Greyish blue fruit with small picking scar with excellent flavour.
Use: Suitable for controlled atmosphere storage and shipping.
IP Status: Expired
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