Bioprotection Technologies

We combine skills in entomology, pathology and molecular biology to develop new methods of monitoring and controlling pests and diseases.

Plant & Food Research uses traditional and novel approaches to identify biochemical and molecular processes unique to insects, insect-specific viruses and plant pathogens. Our researchers use this information to develop new molecular technologies for pest and disease control, including diagnostics, resistance mechanisms, insect control delivery systems and targeted insecticide compounds. Our genomics research enables us to identify and isolate key plant genes that confer resistance to pests or diseases and key pathogen genes that compromise host defences.

Our researchers have access to modern biochemical and molecular technologies, including:

  • DNA sequencing and positional cloning
  • Host and pathogen genome sequence and bioinformatics
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectometry
  • Proteomics 
  • Antibodies.