Sustainable Production Portfolio

There is considerable potential for New Zealand’s plant-based food industries to contribute towards ambitious national targets for export growth over the coming years. The challenge is to do so while using precious resources such as soil, water and nutrients in a sustainable manner. Our aim within the Sustainable Production Portfolio is to provide our industry and government stakeholders with the tools and information they need to achieve this balance.

To do this we use field, laboratory and modelling studies to improve our understanding of a wide range of arable, vegetable, forage and fruit crop production systems, and the optimisation of fresh product supply to enhance supply chain performance and consumer experience. These insights are then translated into practical tools such as decision support systems and sensor technologies.

The Sustainable Production Portfolio, which includes about 120 scientists, technicians and other specialists, is organised into six science groups but also interacts strongly with teams across the other science portfolios and international contacts to deliver sustainable growth and innovation for our customers.

Dr Roger Robson-Williams, General Manager Science
Warrick Nelson, Operations Manager
Sarah Bromley, Operations Manager

Bioengineering Technologies
Dr John Mawson, Science Group Leader

Cropping Systems & Environment
Dr Paul Johnstone, Science Group Leader

Data Science
Dr Linley Jesson, Science Group Leader

Fruit Crops Physiology
Dr Jill Stanley, Science Group Leader

Productive Biodiversity & Pollination
Dr David Pattemore, Science Group Leader

Viticulture & Oenology
Dr Damian Martin, Science Group Leader

Brian Ward, Business Manager
Nicolas Bordes, Business Manager
Grant Morris, Business Manager
Sarah Eady, Business Manager