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Silvia Estrada-Flores
Business Development Manager, Australia

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Silvia Estrada-Flores


BSc (Hons), Food Engineering, The National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
PhD, Process & Environmental Technology, Massey University, New Zealand
GradCert, Food Business Management, Monash University, Australia


Business Development Manager for Plant & Food Research Australia. Responsible for scouting new business opportunities, ventures and clients across the company's R&D portfolios. 


2013-2015 Program Manager, Food South Australia Inc.
2011-2013 PMO Manager, Bayer CropScience Australia
2007-2011 Principal Consultant and Founder, Food Chain Intelligence
2001-2007 Research Scientist – Team Leader, Food Science Australia (now CSIRO Food & Nutrition) 

Honours & Awards

2014 Scientific Committee, 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain, London, UK.
2012 Efficiency Award, Bayer CropScience Australia
2011 President of Commission C2 (Food Science & Engineering) of the International Institute of Refrigeration. Paris, France
2008 Logistics Development Award, Logistics Association of Australia and CHEP Asia Pacific. Sydney, Australia.

Key Publications

Estrada-Flores, S (2016) Cryogenic Freezing of Food. In: Reference Module in Food Science. Elsevier ScienceDirect.
Fernandez-Piquer, J; Bowman, JP; Ross, T; Estrada-Flores, S; Tamplin, ML (2013). Preliminary Stochastic Model for Managing Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Total Viable Bacterial Counts in a Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) Supply Chain. Journal of Food Protection 7: 1168-1178
Estrada-Flores, S. (2010). Understanding innovation in food chains. In: Mena, C. and Stevens, G. (Ed). Delivering Performance in Food Supply Chains, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Cambridge, UK. p.84-113.
Estrada-Flores, S., Merts, I.,De Ketelaere, B. and Lammertyn, J (2006)  Development and Validation of "Grey-Box" Models for Refrigeration Applications: a Review of Key Concepts.  International Journal of Refrigeration  29 (6):931-946.

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