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Dr Roger Harker
Science Group Leader
Consumer & Product Insights

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Dr Roger Harker


BSc, University of Auckland, New Zealand
PhD, Botany, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Understanding the ways in which plant physiological processes influence sensory properties of foods and beverages. Measurements that relate to human perception of texture, taste and odour. Consumer beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that influence food choice. Breakdown of food structure during chewing and its impact on flavour perception. Plant physiology and plant electrophysiology. Programme leader for the Grape and Wine Research Programme.

Key Publications

Jaeger SR, Harker R, Triggs CM, Gunson A, Campbell RL, Jackman R, Requejo-Jackman C 2011. Determining consumer purchase intentions: The importance of dry matter, size and price of kiwifruit. Journal of Food Science 76:S177-S184.
Jaeger SR, Axten LG, Paisley AG, Wohlers MW, Marsh KB, Sullivan MB, Harker FR 2011. Developing model systems for testing the sensory properties and consumer acceptance of new fruit cultivars: The example of kiwifruit. Food Quality and Preference 22: 521-531.
Duizer LM, James B, Corrigan VK, Feng J, Hedderley DI, Harker FR 2011. Use of a panel knowledgeable in material science to study sensory perception of texture. Journal of Texture Studies 42: 309-318.
Harker FR, Hallett IC, White A, Seal AG 2011. Measurement of fruit peelability in the genus Actinidia. Journal of Texture Studies 42: 237-246.
Brookfield PL, Nicoll S, Gunson FA, Harker FR, Wohlers 2011. Sensory evaluation by small postharvest teams and the relationship with instrumental measurements of apple texture. Postharvest Biology and Technology 59: 179-186.
Nardoza S, Gamble J, Axten LG, Wohlers MW, Clearwater MJ, Feng J, Harker FR 2011. Dry matter content and fruit size affect flavour and texture of novel Actinidia deliciosa genotypes. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91:742-748.
Palmer JW, Harker FR, Tustin DS, Johnston J 2010. Fruit dry matter concentration: a new quality metric for apples. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90:2586-2594.
Gamble J, Harker FR, Jaeger SR, White A, Bava C, Beresford, M, Stubbings B, Wohlers M, Hofman PJ, Marques R, Woolf A 2010. The impact of dry matter, ripeness and internal defects on consumer perceptions of avocado quality and intentions to purchase. Postharvest Biology and Technology 57:35-43.