Staff Profile

Dr Paul Johnstone
Science Group Leader, Field Crops
Sustainable Production

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Dr Paul Johnstone


BAppSci, Horticulture, Massey University, New Zealand
PhD, Plant Science, Massey University, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Sustainable and resilient food production systems, with a focus on nutrient, water and soil management. Specialising in arable, vegetable and forage crops. Additional activity in land use impacts, adaptation to climate change and digital technologies. Leader of PFR’s ‘Sustainable Food Production Systems’ programme.

International Collaboration

CSIRO, Australia

Honours & Awards

Professional Memberships

Executive Council, NZ Soil Science Society 

Associate-editor, New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science.

Leadership team, New Zealand-China Water Research Centre  

Member, NZ Agronomy Society 

Member, New Zealand Institute of Agriculture and Horticultural Sciences 

Member, American Society of Agronomy 

Member, Soil Science Society of America 

Member, Crop Science Society of America

Key Publications


BJ Malcolm, JM de Ruiter, DE Dalley, S Carrick, D Waugh, NP Arnold, SJ Dellow, MH Beare, PR Johnstone, M Wohlers, H Brown, B Welten, AJ Horrocks 2020. Catch crops and feeding strategy can reduce the risk of nitrogen leaching in late lactation fodder beet systems. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, 1-21

M Norris, PR Johnstone, DF Wallace, NP Arnold, M Parker 2020. Soil nitrogen supply from effluent-amended pasture soils for forage maize production. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, 1-15

AG Hunt, JM Sharp, PR Johnstone, BP Searle 2019. Dividing the risk-theoretical exploration of increasing N management temporal granularity in maize. Precision Agriculture 19, 377-381

A Renwick, R Dynes, P Johnstone, W King, L Holt, J Penelope 2019. Challenges and opportunities for land use transformation: Insights from the Central Plains Water scheme in New Zealand. Sustainability 11-4912

JM de Ruiter, BJ Malcolm, E Chakwizira, PR Johnstone, S Maley, NP Arnold, DE Dalley 2019. Crop management effects on supplementary feed quality and crop options for dairy feeding to reduce nitrate leaching. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 62 (3), 369-398

EI Teixeira, J de Ruiter, AG Ausseil, A Daigneault, P Johnstone, A Holmes, A Tait, F Ewert 2018. Adapting crop rotations to climate change in regional impact modelling assessments. Science of the Total Environment 616, 785-795

JB Reid, AG Hunt, PR Johnstone, BP Searle, LK Jesson 2018. On the responses of carrots (Daucus carota L.) to nitrogen supply. New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science 46 (4), 298-318