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Dr Nigel Larsen
Science Group Leader, Bioresources Engineering & Chemistry
Food Innovation

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Dr Nigel Larsen


BSc (Hons), Chemistry, Massey University, New Zealand
PhD, Chemistry, Massey University, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Development, supervision and research mentoring of new work in foods, materials and extracts from biological resources , particularly plant extracts; Physical and chemical properties of nano-composite materials, foods and food product intermediates; The effects of processing on the rheological and chemical properties of materials, foods and food product intermediates; Bridging the applications gap between fundamental science discovery and commercial products; Application of new technologies to food and materials research; Public attitudes towards emerging food technologies.

Key Publications

Rao, S.P., Meade, S.J., Healy, J.P., Sutton, K.H., Larsen, N.G., Staiger, M.P., and Gerrard, J.A. 2012. Amyloid fibrils as functionalizable components of nanocomposite materials. Biotechnology Progress, 28(1), 248-256.
Juliet A. Gerrard, Moritz Lasse, Justine Cottam, Jackie P. Healy, Sian E. Fayle, Indira Rasiah, Paula K. Brown, Suhaimi Md. BinYasir, Kevin H. Sutton and Nigel G. Larsen, 2012. Aspects of physical and chemical alterations to proteins during food processing – some implications for nutrition. British Journal of Nutrition 108: S288–S297
Rao SP, Meade SJ, Joyce NI, Healy JP, Sutton KH, Larsen NG, Gerrard JA. 2011. Amyloid fibril formation from crude protein mixtures. Biotechnol Prog. 27(6):1768-76
2009: Wheat glutenin proteins assemble into an amyloid-like structure with unusual structural features. SH Mackintosh, SJ Meade, JP Healy, KH Sutton, NG Larsen, AM Squires, JA Gerrard. Journal of Cereal Science 49 (2009) 157–162
2009: The Effect of Electrode Configuration and Substrate Material on the Mass Deposition Rate of Electrospinning. Jonathan Stanger, Nick Tucker, Andrew Wallace, Nigel Larsen, Mark Staiger, Roger Reeves. J. of Applied Polymer Science, 112, 1729-1737.
2009: Effect of Charge Density on the Taylor Cone – Experimental Study. J Stanger, N Tucker M Staiger, N Larsen, R Reeves, K. Kirwan, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 23(6-7), 1956-1961
2009: An experimental study of the effect of charge density on the Taylor cone. J. Stanger, N. Tucker, N. Larsen, M. Staiger, R. Reeves, K. Kirwan, Solid State Phenomena, 151, 54-59
2003:Sutton, K.H., Larsen, N.G., Morgenstern, M.P., Ross, M., Simmons, L.D., Wilson, A.J. Differing effects of Mechanical Dough Development and sheeting development methods on aggregated glutenin proteins. Cereal Chem. 80: 707-711.

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