Staff Profile

Dr Kevin Davies
Science Leader
New Cultivar Innovation

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Dr Kevin Davies


BSc (Hons), Genetics, University of Birmingham, UK
PhD, Plant Molecular Biology, University of Nottingham, UK

Research Interests & Activities

Advisory and project leader role for the New Cultivar Innovation Portfolio. Research focuses on function and genetic regulation of plant secondary metabolism and the use of this information for plant breeding, in particular the flavonoid group of plant metabolites.

International Collaboration

Professor Cathie Martin, John Innes Centre, UK
Professor John Bowman, Monash University, Australia
Yunnan Academy of Forestry, Kunming, China

Honours & Awards

Academic Review Panel, Yunnan Academy of Forestry
Roger Slack Award for Outstanding Plant Biology (2011)
Vice President, Society Groupe Polyphenols (2011-12)

Professional Memberships

Senior Editor, New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Plant Science
Coordinator, International Workshop on Anthocyanins

Key Publications

Kallam K, Luo J, Appelhagen I, Albert N, Zhang H, Deroles S, Hill L, Anderson Ø, Davies K, Martin C (2017) Aromatic decoration determines the formation of anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions (AVIs). Current Biology,

Bombarely A, Moser M, Amrad A, Bapaume L, Barry CS, Bliek M, Boersma MR, Borghi L, Bruggmann R, Bucher M, D'Agostino N, Davies KM, et al. (2016). Whole genome sequences of the wild parents of the garden petunia give insights into the evolution of Solanaceae genomes. Nature Plants, 2: 16074.

Davies KM (2015). Swapping one red pigment for another. Nature Genetics, 47: 5-6.

Shang Y, Venail J, Mackay S, Bailey P, Schwinn K, Jameson P, Martin C, Davies K (2011). The molecular basis for venation patterning of pigmentation and its effect on pollinator attraction in flowers of Antirrhinum. New Phytologist, 189: 602-615.

Albert NW, Davies KM, Lewis DH, Zhang H, Montefiori M, Brendolise C, Boase MR, Ngo H, Jameson PE, Schwinn KE (2014). A conserved network of transcriptional activators and repressors regulates anthocyanin pigmentation in eudicots. Plant Cell, 26: 962-980.

Davies KM, Deroles SC (2014). Prospects for the use of plant cell cultures in food biotechnology. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 26: 133–140.