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Dr Gail Timmerman-Vaughan
Science Group Leader, Annual Crops
New Cultivar Innovation

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Dr Gail Timmerman-Vaughan


PhD, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Indiana University, USA

Research Interests & Activities

Genetic and genomic understanding of production, quality and disease resistance characteristics in crop plants. Application of molecular markers to assist plant breeders to introgress disease resistance, quality and production traits into cultivars through marker-assisted plant breeding.

Honours & Awards

2011 Plant & Food Research Chairman's Award
2003 Crop & Food Research Fellowship
1995 New Zealand Science & Technology Medal
1992 DSIR Outstanding Achievement Award

Key Publications

Margaret Carpenter, Nigel Joyce, Ruth Butler, Russell Genet, Gail Timmerman-Vaughan. (2012) A Mass Spectrometric Method for Quantifying C3 and C6 Phosphorylation of Starch. Analytical Biochemistry 431:115-119.
Kwon S.-J., Brown AF, Hu J, McGee RJ, Watt CA, Kisha T, Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Grusak M, McPhee KE, Coyne CJ. (2012) Population genetic sub-structure within the USDA ARS Pisum core collection and its potential as a platform for association mapping. Genes & Genomics 34(3): 305-320. DOI:10.1007/s13258-011-0213-z.
Ellis THN, Hofer JMI, Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Coyne CJ, Hellens RJ (2011) Mendel, 150 years on. Trends in Plant Sciences 16:590-596
Murray S, McKenzie M, Butler R, Baldwin S, Sutton K, Batey I, Timmerman-Vaughan GM. (2011) Quantitative, small-scale, fluorophore-assisted carbohydrate electrophoresis implemented on a capillary electrophoresis-based DNA sequence analyzer. Analytical Biochemistry 413:104-113.
Hellens RP, Moreau C, Kui L-W, Schwinn KE, Thomson S, Fiers M, Frew TJ, Murray SR, Hofer J, Jacobs J, Davies KM, Allan AC, Bendahmane A, Coyne CJ, Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Ellis THN. (2010) Identification of Mendel’s white flower character. PLoS One 5:e13230.
Morgan ER, Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Conner AJ, Griffin WB, Pickering RA (2010) Plant Interspecific Hybridization: Outcomes and Issues at the Intersection of Species. Plant Breeding Reviews Vol 34: 161-220.
Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Larsen R, Murray S, McPhee K, Coyne C (2009) Analysis of the accumulation of Pea enation mosaic virus genomes in seed tissues and lack of evidence for seed transmission in pea (Pisum sativum L.). Phytopathology 99:1281-1288.
Johnston PA, Timmerman-Vaughan GM, Farnden KJF, Pickering R (2009) Marker development and characterisation of Hordeum bulbosum introgression lines: a source for barley improvement. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 118:1428-1437.
Murray SR, Butler RC, Timmerman-Vaughan GM (2009) Quantitative real-time PCR assays to detect DNA degradation in soy-based food products. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 89:1137-1144.

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