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Dr Brent Clothier
Science Group Leader, Production Footprints & Biometrics
Sustainable Production

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Dr Brent Clothier


BSc (Hons), University of Canterbury, New Zealand
PhD, Massey University, New Zealand
DSc, Massey University, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Soil physics, plant water use, footprints of carbon, water, nutrients and pesticides, natural capital valuation, ecosystem services, environmental policy, ecological economics, global change, measurement devices, modelling schemes.

International Collaboration

Adjunct Professor, School of Earth & Environment, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Perth
Institut de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiologia de Sevilla, Consejo Superior de Investicagiones Cientificas, Sevilla, Spain
Victorian Department of Primary Resources, Tatura, Victoria, Australia
Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research, Hobart, Australia

Honours & Awards

Fellow, Royal Society of New Zealand

Professional Memberships

President (2009-2010), New Zealand Society of Soil Science.
Joint Editor-in-Chief, Agricultural Water Management (Elsevier)

Key Publications

Clothier, B.E. and I. White, 1981. Soil-water diffusivity of field soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal 46: 155‑158.
Green, S.R. and B.E. Clothier, 1988. Water use by kiwifruit vines and apple trees by the heat-pulse technique. Journal of Experimental Botany 39: 115‑123.
Clothier, B.E., M.B. Kirkham and J.E. McLean. 1992 In situ measurement of the effective transport volume for solute moving through soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal 56: 733-736.
Clothier, B.E., S.R. Green and M. Deurer. 2008 Preferential flow and transport in soil: Progress and Prognosis. European Journal of Soil Science 59:2-13.
Clothier, B.E., S.R. Green and M. Deurer. 2009. Tools and techniques for sustainably managing the natural capital of our soils and waters. Acta Horticulturae 846: 35-44
Clothier, B.E. 2009. Footprinting. In “Future Food Farming: New Zealand Inc. meeting tomorrow’s markets” (Alan Emerson & Jaqueline Rowarth – Eds), NZX Ltd, Wellington, pp 80-81.