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Beccy Ganley
Science Group Leader - Plant Pathology

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Beccy Ganley


PGDip, Business Management, Waikato University, New Zealand
PhD, Natural Resources, University of Idaho, USA
MSc, Genetics, Massey University, New Zealand
BSc, Genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry, Massey University, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

My research focus is in the area of forest pathology, with a specific emphasis on foliar disease research and understanding the relationship between fungal endophytes and pathogens on host plants in cropped and natural ecosystems. This encompasses diseases caused by fungal and oomycetes. The majority of my research has dealt with understanding and finding solutions against diseases that are problematic to commercially produced, urban and native trees. Most recently, I have been intensively involved in the incursion response to myrtle rust and research for long-term management.

I have been involved in a wide variety of biosecurity research, including the identification and quantification of overseas disease risks.  An extension of this work has involved assessing the risk of current diseases under climate change scenarios.  My biosecurity research has also involved DNA-based methods for identification of fungal species, phylogenetic analyses and assessments of population genetics, all of which are important components for pathogen strain or species detection and determining introduction pathways. In addition to my main research areas, I have extensive experience in the diagnostics of fungal diseases of forest trees.