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Warrick Nelson
Operations Manager
Sustainable Production

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Warrick Nelson


BSc, Agriculture, University of Natal, South Africa
MSc, Agriculture, University of Natal, South Africa
GradCert, Information Management, The Open Polytechnic, New Zealand
GradCert, People Management, The Open Polytechnic, New Zealand


Plant physiology and ecology of cropping systems, technology delivery and application, financial and project management of programmes, and development of clean technology and natural capital concepts for use in productive farming systems.


2004-2005 General Manager, Envirolink Laboratories Ltd, New Zealand
2002-2003 NZ Manager, Yates vegetable Seeds, New Zealand
1994-2001 Marketing Manager, Transplant Systems Ltd, New Zealand
1985-1994 Product Manager, Starke Ayres Pty Ltd, South Africa

Professional Memberships

Member, International Plant Propagators’ Society

Key Publications

2011. Nelson, W.R., Fisher, T.W. and Munyaneza, J.E. Haplotypes of "Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum" suggest long-standing separation. European Journal of Plant Pathology 130;5-12.
2006. Nelson, W.R. and Harris, B. Flies, fingers, fomites and food. Campylobacteriosis in New Zealand - food associated rather than food borne. New Zealand Medical Journal 119(1240);U2128.
1996. Nelson, W.R. Container types and containerised stock for New Zealand afforestation. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 26(1/2);184-190.
1995. Nelson, W.R. Trees grow better with water. Tree Planters' Notes 46(2);46-47.
1994. Nelson, W.R. Dehydration and deformation of root plugs at transplanting affect yield potential of transplanted cabbage seedlings. Applied Plant Science 8;52-53.
1985. Nelson, W.R. and Van Staden, J. 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid in seaweed concentrate. Botanica Marina 28;415-417.
1984. Nelson, W.R. and Van Staden, J. The effect of seaweed concentrate on wheat culms. Journal of Plant Physiology 115;433-437