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Dr Vincent Bus
Science Group Leader, Tree Crops
New Cultivar Innovation

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Dr Vincent Bus


BSc, Horticulture, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
MSc, Horticulture, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
PhD, Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Breeding of new pipfruit cultivars with improved pest and disease resistance. Understanding host-pathogen interactions to achieve durable resistance, and development of genetic markers and marker assisted selection for resistance traits.

Honours & Awards

2005 OECD Research Fellowship for international collaboration
2003 Fellowship of the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries

Professional Memberships

Member, New Zealand Society for Horticultural Science
Member, International Society for Horticultural Science

Key Publications

Dunemann F, Gläss R, Bartsch S, Ali MSE, Peil A, Bus V. 2012. Molecular cloning and analysis of apple HcrVf resistance gene paralogs in a collection of related Malus species. Tree Genet Genomes 8: 1095-1109. doi: 10.1007/s11295-0489-4
Gardiner SE, Norelli JL, de Silva N, Fazio G, Peil A, Malnoy M, Horner M, Bowatte D, Carlisle C, Wiedow C, Wan Y, Bassett CL, Baldo AM, Celton J-M, Richter K, Aldwinckle HS, Bus VGM. 2012. Putative resistance gene markers associated with quantitative trait loci for fire blight resistance in Malus ‘Robusta 5’ accessions. BMC Genetics 13: 25. doi: 10.1186/1471-2156-13-25
Bus VGM, van de Weg WE, Peil A, Dunemann F, Zini E, Laurens FND, Bla┼żek J, Hanke V, Forsline P. 2012. The role of Schmidt ‘Antonovka’ in apple scab resistance breeding. Tree Genet Genomes 8: 627-642. doi:10.1007/s11295-012-0470-2
Kumar S, Bink MCAM, Volz RK, Bus VGM, Chagné D. 2012. Towards genomic selection in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) breeding programmes: Prospects, challenges and strategies. Tree Genet Genomes 8: 1-14.
Bus VGM, Rikkerink EHA, Caffier V, Durel C-E, Plummer KM. 2011. Revision of the nomenclature of the differential host-pathogen interactions of Venturia inaequalis and Malus. Ann Rev Phytopathol 49: 391-433. doi: 10.1146/annurev-phyto-072910-095339
Bowen JK, Mesarich CH, Bus VGM, Beresford RM, Plummer KM, Templeton MD. 2010. Venturia inaequalis: the causal agent of apple scab. Molec Plant Pathol 12: 105-122.
Broggini GAL, Bus VGM, Parravicini G, Kumar S, Groenwold R, Gessler C. 2010. Genetic mapping of 14 avirulence genes in an EU-B04 x 1639 progeny of Venturia inaequalis. Fungal Genet Biol 48: 166-176.