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Dr Gavin Ross
Group General Manager, Marketing & Innovation

More information about our research

Dr Gavin Ross


BSc (Hons), Plant Physiology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
PhD, Plant Physiology, The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK


Gavin leads the Marketing & Innovation Strategic Unit, which champions excellence in customer relationships, creates new business models and enhances our brand.


2009-2018 General Manager Business Development, Plant & Food Research, New Zealand
2005-2009 Vice President Business Development, Plant & Food Research USA, USA
2003-2005 Head of Business Development, AgriGenesis Biosciences, New Zealand
2002-2003 Business Development Leader, HortResearch, New Zealand
2001-2002 General Manager Plant Genomics, HortResearch, New Zealand
1996-1999 Science Manager Postharvest & Food Science, HortResearch, New Zealand
1988-1996 Research Scientist, HortResearch, New Zealand

Professional Memberships

Past President, New Zealand Society of Plant Physiologists
Acting Chair, NZBio Inc

Key Publications

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Wang Z-Y, MacRae EA, Wright MA, Bolitho KM, Ross GS, Atkinson RG (2000). Polyglacturonase gene expression in kiwifruit; relationship to fruit softening and ethylene production. Plant Molecular Biology 42: 317-328.

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