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Dr David Teulon
Director, B3

More information about our research

Dr David Teulon


BSc, Zoology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
MHortSci (Hons), Entomology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
PhD, Entomology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Applied insect ecology with expertise in aphids, thrips, IPM, biosecurity, biocontrol, organics, arable, vegetable and fruit crops, forestry, insect behaviour, population dynamics, forecasting pest outbreaks, biodiversity of native aphids, non-target effects of bio-control agents, insect identification. 

International Collaboration

Plant Research International, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Institut de Recerca I Technologia Agroalimentaries (IRTA), Spain

Honours & Awards

2010 International Science and Technology (ISAT) Fellowship (Spain)
2008 Innovation award:  Category:  Protection of the environment.  Sifel, France
2008 International Exhibition for the Technical Means of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry.  LUREM TR (thrips attractant) developed with Plant Research International, the Netherlands.
2006-2010 Honorary Research Associate, Lincoln University
2001 & 2005 Crop & Food Research Fellowships (USA & Netherlands)
2000 & 2001 International Science and Technology (ISAT) Fellowship (Germany)
1989 Finnish Ministry of Education Scholarship
1988 & 1997 Lincoln College Foundation Award
1982 Leonard Condell Scholarship

Professional Memberships

Member, Entomological Society of America,
Member and ex-Executive Member, New Zealand Plant Protection Society
Member, New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science,
Member, New Zealand Entomological Society

Key Publications

Rader R, Howlett BG, Cunningham SA, Westcott DA, Newstrom-Lloyd LE, Walker MK, Teulon DAJ, Edwards W.  2009.  Alternative pollinator taxa are equally efficient but not as effective as the honeybee in a mass flowering crop.  Journal of Applied Ecology.  Accepted for publication.
van Toor RF, Drayton GM, Lister RA, Teulon DAJ. 2009. Targeted insecticide regimes perform as well as calendar regime for control of aphids that vector viruses in seed potatoes in New Zealand. Crop Protection 28 (7): 599-607.
Lankin-Vega G, Worner SP, Teulon DAJ 2008. An ensemble model for predicting Rhopalosiphum padi abundance. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 129 (3): 308-315.
Davidson MM, Perry NB, Larsen L, Green VC, Butler RC, Teulon DAJ. 2008.  4-pyridyl carbonyl compounds as thrips lures: effectiveness for Western Flower Thrips in Y-tube bioassays.  J Agric & Food Chem. 56: 6554-6561.
Teulon DAJ, Davidson MM, Hedderly DI, James DE, Fletcher CD, Larsen L, Green VC, Perry NB 2007.  4-Pyridyl carbonyl and related compounds as thrips lures:  Effectiveness for onion thrips and New Zealand flower thrips in field experiments.  J Agric & Food Chem. 55: 6198-6205.
Teulon DAJ, Butler RC, James DE & Davidson MM 2007. Odour-baited traps influence thrips capture in proximal unbaited traps in the field. Entomol. Exp. et Appl. 123: 253-262.
van Tol RWHM, James DE, de Kogel WJ, Teulon DAJ 2007.  Plant odours with potential for a push-pull strategy to control the onion thrips, Thrips tabaci.  Entomol. Exp. et Appl.  122: 69–76.

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