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Dr Daryl Rowan
Science Group Leader, Biological Chemistry & Bioactives
Food Innovation

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Dr Daryl Rowan


BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand
PhD, Synthetic Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Metabolomics for understanding plant metabolism and responses to environmental and biotic stresses. Biomarkers to measure ‘health’ in humans and in animal disease models. Volatile biosynthesis and diversity in fruit. Identification novel natural products.

International Collaboration

National Institute of Horticulture and Herbal Science, Rural Development Agency, South Korea

Honours & Awards

2016-18 International Honorary Researcher, National Institute of Horticulture and Herbal Science, RDA, South Korea
2011–13 Lead Investigator, Japan – New Zealand International Research Cooperative Program, ‘A Metabolic Atlas of Allium Vegetables’
2010 Invited speaker, ‘Postharvest Unlimited’, Washington State, USA
2006 Invited speaker, ‘Int. Conf. Nutrigenomics and Gut Health’, Auckland, New Zealand
2006 - 2010 Research Associate, The University of Auckland
1999, 1990, 1986, Trimble Agricultural Trust Travel Fellowships 1999 Visitor, University of Minnesota, USA
1993 - 2001 Research Associate, Massey University
1991 Ministerial Science Commendation
1986 Fullbright Travel Fellowship
1975 - 1978 UGC Postgraduate Research Scholarship
1974 Mellor Price for Chemistry

Professional Memberships

Member, Metabolomics Society
Member, NZ Institute of Chemistry
Member, American Chemical Society

Key Publications

Souleyre EJF, Bowen JK, Matich AJ, Tomes S, Chen X, Hunt MB, Wang MY, Ileperuma NR, Richards K, Rowan D, Chagné D, Atkinson RG. 2019. Genetic control of α‚Äźfarnesene production in apple fruit and its role in fungal pathogenesis. The Plant Journal 100(6): 1148-1162. 

Wiesner-Reinhold M, Schreiner M, Baldermann S, Schwarz D, Hanschen FS, Kipp AP, Rowan DD, Bentley-Hewitt KL, McKenzie MJ. 2018. Mechanisms of selenium enrichment and measurement in Brassicaceous vegetables, and their application to human health. Frontiers in Plant Science 8:1365.

Nakabayashi R, Sawada Y, Aoyagi M, Yamada Y, Hirai MY, Sakurai T, Kamoi T, Rowan DD, Saito K. 2016. Chemical assignment of structural isomers of sulfur-containing metabolites in garlic by liquid chromatography Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. Supplement – 2014. International Garlic Symposium. The Journal of Nutrition 146(2) 397S-402S.  

Yauk Y-K, Chagné D, Tomes S, Matich A, Wang M, Chen X, Maddumage R, Hunt M, Rowan D, Atkinson R. 2015. A phenylpropene O-methyltransferase is required for biosynthesis of estragole in ripe apple fruit. 2015. The Plant Journal 82(6): 937–950. 

Kumar S, Rowan D, Whitworth C, Hunt M, Souleyre E, Chagné D. 2015. Genome-wide scans reveal genetic architecture of apple flavour volatiles. Molecular Breeding 35(5) 118.

Matich AJ, McKenzie MJ, Lill R, McGhie TK, Chen RK.-Y, Rowan DD. 2015. Distribution of selenoglucosinolates and their metabolites in Brassica treated with sodium selenate. Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry 63(7): 1896–1905. 

Souleyre EJF, Chagné D, Chen X, Tomes S, Turner R, Wang M, Maddumage R, Hunt M, Winz R, Wiedow C, Hamiaux C, Gardiner S, Rowan D, Atkinson R. 2014. The AAT1 locus is critical for the biosynthesis of esters contributing to ‘ripe apple’ flavour in ‘Royal Gala’ and ‘Granny Smith’ apples. The Plant Journal 78(6) 903-15.