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Dr Bruce Campbell
Chief Operating Officer, Senior Management Team

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Dr Bruce Campbell


PhD, Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK


My responsibility is for the science staff within Plant & Food Research and for providing effective leadership of company strategy, operational excellence and productivity, business growth, capital investments, regulatory compliance and enhancing relationships with Maori.


2005-2008 General Manager, Science Operations, HortResearch, New Zealand
1999-2004 Science Leader, AgResearch, New Zealand
1992–1999 Scientist AgResearch, New Zealand
1980-1992 Scientist, DSIR Grasslands, New Zealand

Honours & Awards

2016 Thomson medal, Royal Society of New Zealand
2014 Fellow, NZ Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science
2003 Horizons Manawatu Regional Council Award for Protecting Nature
2002 Future Directors’ Award, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
1996 AgResearch Team Award for outstanding excellence, financial performance and contribution to technology development
1991 DSIR Ministerial Science Award for novel research on plant competition
1989 Invited exhibitor at Royal Society Soiree, London, UK on the physics and chemistry of plant competition
1985 National Research Advisory Council Postgraduate Research Fellowship

Professional Memberships

Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand
Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand
Member of the International Society of Horticultural Science

Board Member of:
Future Vegetables Governance Board
Horticulture New Zealand Vegetable Research and Innovation Board
Bio-Protection Research Centre
Jukebox NZ Limited
Marlborough Research Centre Board
Kiwifruit Supply Research Limited

Key Publications

Diaz, S., Lavorel, S., McIntyre, S., Falczuk, V., Casanoves, F., Milchunas, D.G., Skarpe, C., Rusch, G., Sternberg, M., Noy-Meir, I., Landsberg, J., Zhang, W., Clark, H. & Campbell, B.D. 2006. Plant trait responses to grazing—a global synthesis. Global Change Biology 12,1–29.
Campbell, B.D., Stafford Smith, D.M. & CRP1 network members 2000. A synthesis of recent global change research on pasture and rangeland production: reduced uncertainties and their management implications. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment 82, 39-55
Campbell, B.D., Stafford Smith, D.M. & Ash, A.J. 1999. A rule-based model for the functional analysis of vegetation change in Australasian grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 10, 723-730.
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Campbell, B.D. & Grime, J.P. 1992. An experimental test of plant strategy theory. Ecology 73, 15-29.
Campbell, B.D., Grime, J.P., Mackey, J.M.L. & Jalilli, A. 1991. The quest for a mechanistic understanding of resource competition in plant communities: the role of experiments. Functional Ecology 5, 241-253.
Campbell, B.D., Grime, J.P. & Mackey, J.M.L. 1991. A trade-off between scale and precision in resource foraging. Oecologia 87, 532-538.
Campbell, B.D. & Grime, J.P. 1989. A new method of exposing developing root systems to controlled patchiness in mineral nutrient supply. Annals of Botany 63, 395-400.


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