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Dr Bill Griffin
Operations Manager
New Cultivar Innovation

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Dr Bill Griffin


BSc (Hons), University of Canterbury, New Zealand
PhD, Applied Biology, University of Cambridge, UK

Research Interests & Activities

Management of public and commercial annual crop breeding and associated R&D; management of international annual crop evaluation and licensing; facilitating important and export of crop germplasm; crop germplasm conservation; management of annual crop breeding intrastructure, including research farms and glasshouses.

International Collaboration

CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia
Plant Breeding Institute (University of Sydney), Australia
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Honours & Awards

Canterbury Senior Scholar 1975
NRAC Scholarship 1979

Professional Memberships

Board Member, Forage Innovations Ltd
Member, NZ Genetics Society
Member, NZ Agronomy Society
Member, NZ Institute of Agricultural Science

Key Publications

WB Griffin and A Granger.  2009.  Managing New Zealand’s horticultural and crop breeding within constrained public and private agricultural sectors.  Proceedings 14th Australasian Plant Breeding Conference.
E Morgan, G Timmerman-Vaughan, T Conner and W Griffin.  2008.  Plant Hybridisation for transfer of traits between species: a review.  C&FR Confidential Report No 2244
WB Griffin and SC Shorter.  2006.  New Zealand wheat breeding – from public research to private commercial cultivar development.  13APBC, Christchurch, New Zealand
Derek Woodfield, Bill Griffin, Luis Gea and Alan Seal.  2006.  Breeding for success:  Diversity in action.  13APBC, Christchurch, New Zealand
Griffin, W.B.  2005  Research and Development for New Zealand’s vegetable sector.  Primary Industry Management 8(1):  28-30
Ahmad, M.; Griffin, W. B.; Butler, R.C.  2002.  Genetic improvements for milling properties.  Proceed. 52nd Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference.  127-131.  Christchurch, NZ.

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