Bioprotection Portfolio

New Zealand has an ideal climate for growing plants and this natural advantage underpins a range of export-focused industries. While New Zealand’s physical isolation in the South Pacific has created challenges in terms of transporting fresh produce to distant markets, it has also meant that there are relatively few introduced pests and diseases to contend with. 

To be a successful producer and exporter of horticultural products, it is essential that pests and diseases are effectively managed using economically, environmentally and socially acceptable methods. In addition, to protect the future success of horticultural industries, it is essential that new pests and diseases are prevented from establishing in New Zealand. Our vision is for industries to have assured market access as a result of biologically and ecologically based methods of pest and disease control that are resilient in the face of incursions, regulatory and climatic changes. We also seek to use science to strengthen New Zealand's biosecurity system.

The approximately Bioprotection researchers at Plant & Food Research work closely with industries to addresses these challenges. Research capabilities are organised into four groups located across nine locations to align with regions where crops are grown.

Suvi Viljanen, General Manager Science
Andrea Bourhill, Operations Manager

Applied Entomology
Libby Burgess, Science Group Leader

Bioprotection Technologies
Dr Erik Rikkerink, Science Group Leader

Dr Max Suckling, Science Group Leader

Pathology & Applied Mycology
Dr Beccy Ganley, Science Group Leader

Mark Bullians, Business Manager
Declan Graham, Business Manager
Dr Greg Pringle, Business Manager
Duncan Scotland, Business Manager
Barbara Waddell, Business Manager