Taking stock of manuka

5 July 2017

Researchers from a range of disciplines and organisations will come together on 6-7 July in Palmerston North for a workshop on mānuka.

Through presentations and discussions, the workshop will overview current and recent mānuka research in New Zealand, and look to identify knowledge gaps and needs to guide and coordinate future strategy and funding.
Mānuka is taonga for all New Zealand. It is one of the country’s most widespread native plants, with a long tradition of use by Māori and important ecologically. Its nectar is the basis of the booming mānuka honey industry.

Themes to be covered during the workshop include genetics and selection, physiology, practical production, bioactives, and pest and disease management – including myrtle rust.

The workshop has been organised by Plant & Food Research, Scion, Landcare Research, Massey University and Waikato University.

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