Plant & Food Research scientist Alistair Jerrett recognised by Seafood New Zealand with Longstanding Service Award

9 November 2020

Recently retired, highly respected Plant & Food Research seafood production scientist Alistair Jerrett has received the Longstanding Service Award at Seafood New Zealand’s Seafood Stars Awards for making a substantial positive difference to the seafood industry and for his leadership over his career.

Mr Jerrett says, “It’s a great industry, with great people who are keen to face up to the challenges posed by the 21st Century. I am honoured to receive this recognition for doing my part in moving the ball forward.”

Mr Jerrett began his career in 1982 as a scientist at the Fish Technology Unit of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, the predecessor of Plant & Food Research. He envisions a New Zealand seafood industry with a domestic and international reputation for ethically harvested and high quality fish. This vision has underpinned his research over the last four decades and has resulted in the delivery of elegant and practical science and technology solutions that enable the seafood industry to operate sustainably, ethically and profitably.

He has focused on understanding the properties of New Zealand native fish and applying that knowledge to the development of technologies that can operate at commercial scale to maximize the potential of New Zealand seafood products. He has been involved in developing a wide range of projects ranging from live snapper export, fish harvesting systems, pharmaceutical development, aquaculture hatchery development, marine electronics, new aquaculture production technologies and fundamental physiological research into our native seafood species.

Helen Mussely, GM Science – Seafood Technologies of Plant & Food Research says, “Alistair is a leading R&D expert and is highly-regarded by the industry. His strong track record of working with seafood companies should not be underestimated and these industry relationships have been so valuable in developing science and technology-based solutions.”

The industry’s investment in the $48 million Primary Growth Partnership-funded Precision Seafood Harvesting programme (PSH), the commercialisation of the fish-friendly Modular Harvesting System, is a reflection of the rapport and trust built on decades of value delivered.

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