Plant & Food Research welcomes Government investment in pipfruit breeding

1 October 2010

The Hon Dr Wayne Mapp, Minister of Research Science and Technology, yesterday announced a $21.6 million dollar investment into a seven-year Prevar/Plant & Food Research programme to develop new apple and pear varieties - $10.8 million from both The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology and Hawke's Bay based Pipfruit Company, Prevar™.

Plant & Food Research will partner with Prevar™ and the Foundation to further expand its existing breeding programme and capitalise of the tools and knowledge already developed.

“The investment is further recognition of the value of the horticulture industry to the New Zealand economy” says Plant & Food Research CEO, Peter Landon-Lane. “New Zealand apples and pears enjoy a great reputation for taste and quality, this investment will ensure that this remains the case and will fast-track the development of yet more premium cultivars that offer benefits to both consumers and New Zealand’s Pipfruit industry.”

Plant & Food Research’s pipfruit breeding programmes have previously lead to such commercial cultivars as the Pacific Series, JAZZ™ & ENVY™ apples as well as Maxie™ & Crispie™ pears.

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