Plant & Food Research and Te Tumu Paeroa partner to enable economic growth for Maori

10 June 2015

Plant & Food Research and Te Tumu Paeroa: the new Māori Trustee have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which opens doors for Māori landowners to develop their land with the backing of science for new crops and food products.

This agreement signifies a long-term partnership between Plant & Food Research, an organisation with significant horticultural expertise from growth and development to production and marketing; and Te Tumu Paeroa: the new Māori Trustee who administrates over 2000 Māori Land Trusts and looks to optimise and develop Māori land for Māori people.

Jamie Tuuta, the Māori Trustee and head of Te Tumu Paeroa, signed the historic MOU in Wellington with Plant & Food Research’s CEO Peter Landon-Lane, and Chief Operating Officer, Dr Bruce Campbell.

Dr Campbell, who is also a member of Te Raranga Ahumāra, Plant & Food Research’s Māori Engagement Unit, says “Partnering with Te Tumu Paeroa is an important step in connecting Māori land owners with a vision for their land with the type of science that can help make that vision reality. There is huge potential for Māori to grow wealth and benefits to communities from products connected to the land and the sea.”

“Our vision here at Te Tumu Paeroa is to build capability in our people, to mobilise the land with sustainable economic solutions and to bring those benefits home to the communities that need them most. This partnership with Plant & Food Research helps to provide scientific evidence to better inform decisions. We are talking about a taonga asset, we need all the information we can get to ensure that we protect and grow our whenua for our whanau and for the generations yet to come. Plant & Food Research are helping us to make this happen,” says the Māori Trustee and Te Tumu Paeroa head Jamie Tuuta.

A cross agency approach is the way of the future, the head of Te Tumu Paeroa supports the building of long term relationships.

“We acknowledge that we are strongest when we work together towards a common goal. This partnership with Plant & Food Research is a step in the right direction. Sharing information and expertise can only grow us both and deliver the best for our owners,” says Jamie.

Plant & Food Research’s Dr Bruce Campbell sees a place for Māori culture and new innovative practices.

“We are very pleased to have signed this new MOU with Te Tumu Paeroa. We look forward to working together and using both traditional Māori knowledge and new scientific techniques to help owners of Māori land nationwide achieve the aspirations they have for their land,” says Dr Campbell.

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