Mike Shaw

How I got here

I loved science at school and continued to do a BSc and Postgrad Diploma at Waikato University. After a brief foray into science education, I changed and also studied PR and Marketing before leaving University to travel and work in North America. On returning to New Zealand I landed a job working with The Science Roadshow, an interactive education provider operating throughout New Zealand. After a few years ‘on the road’, I opted to settle down in Auckland working in a PR consultancy specialising in online PR and the use of social media tools for business. The Global Financial Crisis then took it’s toll on the small consultancy I worked for and before I knew it I’d found my way into my current role at Plant & Food Research – a great blend of Communications and Science.

Why I like working at Plant & Food Research

I really enjoy working with the people at Plant & Food Research, it’s great to be surrounded by highly educated specialists in the field. The international nature of science being what it is also means that there are a number of opportunities to network and travel globally.

My personal highlight working at Plant & Food Research

Part of my role includes the management of Plant & Food Research’s social media channels. As a relatively early adopter of the technologies, it’s been great to see a set of communications channels that were perhaps seen by many early on as a bit of a pointless exercise really coming into their own as a key part of the toolkit of professional business communications.

My work has an impact on our industries by

Whether it’s writing a media release about a new discovery, helping produce video content or sharing comments on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, my work in the Corporate Communications Team is always looking to help share insights into our business and its science with the outside world and especially the industry groups and key stakeholders that we exist to support.

What I love about my job is

I literally get paid to use facebook and twitter!

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