Li Lairong Horticultural Research Fellowship

Plant & Food Research has strong tradition of collaboration with China, dating back to the 1940s when esteemed Chinese scientist Li Lairong first arrived in New Zealand. The Institute is offering scientists in China the opportunity to build on this legacy by offering this prestigious Fellowship to visit New Zealand and encourage high quality collaboration between New Zealand and China in the field of horticultural research.

The Li Lairong Fellowship will be awarded on an annual basis to a horticultural scientist to undertake a research placement of up to three months at one of Plant & Food Research’s thirteen sites in New Zealand. The Fellowship will provide funding for accommodation and travel costs, with research and consumable costs funded by Plant & Food Research.

The Fellowship is named for Li Lairong, Emeritus Professor of Subtropical Pomology and former President of the Fujian (Fukien) Institute of Subtropical Botany. He was also the President of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (previously known as Fujian Agriculture College). Professor Li was the first Chinese scientist to work in New Zealand, arriving in 1941 and working for the Botany Division and the Plant Diseases Division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (now Plant & Food Research), before returning to China in 1944. He was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in 1979 when he led a Chinese Academy of Sciences delegation to New Zealand and he maintained a relationship with researchers in New Zealand until his death in 1992.  

Application criteria

Applicants must:

  • hold a post graduate degree, such as a masterate or doctorate
  • have identified a Plant & Food Research collaborator and project
  • ideally have between two and six years research experience in the relevant field
  • have the approval of their institution to undertake a collaborative project with Plant & Food Research
  • meet all passport and visa requirements for a visit to New Zealand 
  • be proficient in English. 

NOTE: the intention is to strengthen New Zealand/China cooperation in horticultural science (including but not limited to genetics, physiology, plant protection and food safety). It is therefore recommended that intending applicants discuss their plans with a potential host Plant & Food Research staff member before completing an application. The fellowship can be held at any of Plant & Food Research's New Zealand sites undertaking horticultural research.

Application Format

Please help us by avoiding formatting such as tables, graphs, charts and diagrams wherever they are not essential. In most cases, you should be able to express the idea as plain text.

  • Proposals must be typed in English.
  • Please follow the instructions provided, keeping to the space requirements.  
  • Applications must be written in a clear, concise manner with sufficient detail to enable the reviewers to appraise fully the scope and implications of the proposal.  
  • Applications must be fully self-supporting. Any additional documentation (that arrives after the closing date) will not be made available to the assessment panel.  
  • Applications must be submitted using the forms provided on the Plant & Food Research website.
  • Applications must be accommpanied by a copy of your Passport or National ID card and copies of your qualification certificates.
Applications for the 2016 fellowship are now open.
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