Growing Futures

How we deliver

Foods with consumer appeal and demonstrated functionality

Increased productivity of high quality food is vital in ensuring adequate food supply for a rapidly growing global population. In addition, the discerning consumer is demanding convenient foods based on natural ingredients and with added health benefits.

Plant & Food Research works with the food industry in developing new whole or processed foods, ingredients and nutraceuticals derived from natural produce – fruits, vegetables, arable and seafood. Our understanding of the global consumer and country-specific differences provides the industry with a unique opportunity to develop new opportunities in existing and new markets, and deliver foods and beverages with maximum consumer appeal.

Our research is focused on the selection of new cultivars with higher concentrations of functional compounds with potential as novel whole foods or key ingredients and adding value to our new cultivars . Our research also identifies how food components interact in the diet and how to deliver these in the most appropriate way as well as producing scientific data to demonstrate functionality appropriate for use in the marketing of products. To meet the increasingly stringent requirements of global markets, we are also developing new technologies that ensure that the production of raw materials is environmentally sustainable and that quality is maintained through the value chain.