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The upside of Envy

The upside of Envy

Breeding a new apple that appeals to the global market

Around 85 million tonnes of apples are grown worldwide each year. New cultivars with the taste and appearance desired by consumers can earn a premium in the global marketplace.

The cultivar ‘Scilate’, marketed by T&G Global as Envy™ apples, is the result of a cross between ‘Royal Gala’ and ‘Braeburn’. ‘Scilate’ captures the sweet crispness of ‘Royal Gala’ and the crisp, white and juicy flesh of ‘Braeburn’ but has higher sweetness and colour than either parent. The fruit has an eye-catching, radiant red colour, high flavour, high juice content and an aromatic profile thanks to its balanced acidity. Its slow flesh-browning time is another positive attribute appreciated by consumers.

In UK supermarkets, Envy™ sells for almost double the price of either ‘Royal Gala’ or ‘Braeburn’ apples .

Released to New Zealand growers in 2008, Envy™ is now grown in 10 countries worldwide. In 2016 more than five million ‘Scilate’ trees were planted globally, and another five million are planned. There are enough trees in the ground or on order to supply 10 million cartons by 2023. The biggest growth is in the United States where plantings are expected to double from 700 hectares in 2016 to 1500 hectares by 2020.

T&G Global marketed 1.6 million 18kg cartons of Envy™ apples to 32 countries last year. New Zealand exports contributed 900,000 cartons to that total and new plantings coming on stream are expected to produce 3.5 million export cartons by 2020.

The development of the 'Scilate' cultivar was funded by ENZA (now part of T&G Global).

Created: September 2017

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