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Kiwifruit extract for gut health

Kiwifruit extract for gut health

Scientific validation supports the marketing of functional ingredients

There is increasing demand for products that benefit human health which, combined with consumer preference for products based on natural produce, presents a global opportunity for the functional food market. A key target is digestive health, and products based on fruits and vegetables which are scientifically-proven to support the health of the human gut are highly sought.

ACTAZIN™, developed by Anagenix Ltd and launched in 2011, is a digestive health ingredient derived from kiwifruit. In addition to a number of other bioactive components, ACTAZIN contains resistant material that has a prebiotic effect, feeding the ‘good’ bacteria naturally found in the human gut, balancing the digestive system and supporting the body’s immune system. It is sold to natural supplement manufacturers in several countries including the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

A human clinical trial by Plant & Food Research has demonstrated the benefits of taking ACTAZIN on a regular basis, and this information is being used in marketing the ingredient globally to product manufacturers, retailers and consumers. It is estimated that this scientific evidence will support an increase in sales of more than 25% in the first year of sale in the US market, where around 15% of the population suffer from gut issues.

Developing a pipeline

Anagenix is developing a pipeline of sustainable, natural ingredients from New Zealand origins for sale to the global market. The company is working with Plant & Food Research to identify potential products and ingredients that deliver real and substantiated health benefits for consumers, to analyse the specific compounds that cause these effects and to develop portfolios of supporting scientific evidence through laboratory-based studies and human clinical trials.

Created: September 2014

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