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Increasing the value of five a day

Increasing the value of five a day

Vegetable products with validated health benefits support consumer wellbeing

Global consumers are becoming more conscious of the food they eat and products that promote health and wellbeing can command a premium in the marketplace. Vegetables are known to contain nutrients that support human health and wellbeing, but different vegetables and different cultivars can differ widely in their nutritional composition.

Each product in the vitalvegetables® range has been chosen for its high concentration of healthy nutrients. Ten years of research has identified vegetable cultivars with the optimal concentrations of nutrients known to be good for health, and the best way to grow, harvest and store these vegetables to maintain these nutrients through to the consumer.

Five products are available in New Zealand supermarkets – vitalheart™, vitalsight™ and vitalbones™ salad mixes, a vitalimmunity™ slaw and a vitalimmunity™ vegetable medley. Each product is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 25% of an adult’s suggested daily intake of antioxidants, and the mixture of vegetables in each pack is designed to support a specific health function, supported by scientific evidence that validates the associated health claims. The selection of vegetables included is optimised for each growing season to ensure vitalvegetables® products deliver the required concentration of nutrients throughout the year. In addition, quality assurance protocols ensure that the nutrients are delivered to the consumer in a standard serving of the vegetable product.

Products in the vitalvegetables® range are commercialised by marketing partners who specialise in the growing and marketing of the particular products. The first products in the range, launched in 2012, are selling at a 10% premium and are expected to reach sales of $300,000 in their first year. vitalvegetables® are the first nutrient- and health benefit-labelled vegetable range to reach New Zealand supermarkets, and additional products are in the development pipeline.

The vitalvegetables® research programme was funded by Horticulture New Zealand, Plant & Food Research and the Department of Primary Industries Victoria, with Horticulture Australia Limited-matched funds from the Australian Government and support from the New Zealand vegetable sector.

Created: September 2013

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